Soft Washing


Over 30 years ago, the need to revolutionize existing cleaning techniques was realized.  A combination of water and bleach fused with surfactants, algaecides and several residual inhibitors provided companies with a revolutionary surface clearing solution.  It was the perfect remedy to the sorry state of residential and commercial buildings whose surfaces were compromised due to organic stains on roofs, windows, floors ceilings and walls.  These chemical solutions helped restore residential and commercial properties, making soft washing the sought after system.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  We will help you determine if soft washing and fleet washing is right for you.

Keep your Family Safe

Years of moss, dirt and mildew accumulating on your walls, roofing, flooring and other surfaces can be hazardous to your health.  The spores and dust mites that grow unfettered have been known to trigger and even cause respiratory illnesses.  When you notice mold, algae and mildew flourishing in your home or exterior surfaces, it’s time to call Haverhill Power Washing Company.  We will soft wash your surfaces in a manner that kills harmful bacteria without destroying your property or polluting the environment.  Your exposure to mold and mildew is eliminated and your family is free from harmful particulates.

Get Rid of Unwanted Occupants

You can be certain that we have rid your home or office of mold, algae, mildew and other bacteria.  On a surface and molecular level, your space is clear of bacteria and any foul smells.  Your home is clean – CHECK.  The air smells clean – CHECK.  Your work space looks like it did when you first moved in – CHECK.  You can check one more thing off your list.  The vermin that infiltrated your space have vacated.  There is virtually nothing left for them to feed on.  With soft washing, an unintended positive result is that your home and office are free of insects and rodents.

Soft Washing is Cost Effective

Stating that you’re going to make a change is simple.  Taking the necessary steps to manifest change is another matter all together.  Cost is the biggest hurdle that stands in our way.  Deciding to give your house a complete power wash is the ideal plan but the question remains, how much is it going to cost you?  Unlike our competitors, Haverhill Power Washing Company offers superior cleaning services at below market rates.  Consider the long term savings before you make up your mind.  It is a lot cheaper to clean your roof than to replace it prematurely due to neglect.

Go Green

At this point, you should have a broad understanding of the benefits of soft washing and how it can be applied to your home or office.  Haverhill Power Washing Company guarantees that the chemicals used in our soft washing pumps are 100% environmentally friendly.  We invested in biodegradable solvents which make soft washing environmentally responsible.  Soft washing is extremely effective and allows surfaces to stay cleaner longer.  As a result, you will discover that you won’t need to pay a maid service to deep clean your surfaces as often.  This means, more money stays in your pockets.  Give us a call and try soft washing today.