Power Washing

Haverhill Power Washing Company - power washing

The kids are away at college and you finally have the whole house to yourself.  As you walk around your home, you notice the mildew and mold on the outdoor patio, driveway and walk ways. The roof looks terrible and the walls are embarrassingly dirty.  You ask yourself, “How did this get past me?”  Well, that’s where Haverhill Power Washing Company comes in.  We offer professional power washing services to restore your home and commercial.  You may decide to Airbnb the house for a year while you travel the globe unfettered.  Whatever your reason for power washing your home, you can trust that we are on your side and can handle the job.

The Process

We all know how tough removing residue like salt, mildew and mold from outdoor patios, decks and driveways can be.  Our company utilizes specialized power washing tools and expertise to get rid of unwelcome debris.  Our power washers use high-pressure streams of hot water to blast away dirt and other remnants from outdoor surfaces.  This combination of high pressure and the controlled water temperature are the best at removing stubborn scum from hard surfaces. Haverhill Power Washing Company guarantees that we leave your home’s exterior sparkling clean.  Not even that 10 year old chewing gum on the sidewalk stands a chance.

High Standards

Every homeowner should experience the satisfaction of being endlessly praised for a well groomed lawn, verdant plants and mold free exterior.  It’s a good feeling when guests walk into your home and marvel at the detail in which everything is maintained. A beautiful home is always complemented by a clean and sparkling surface.  Your drive way should be as immaculate as your lawn.  Your wall should stand out like a marble fountain and your roof should shine as bright as the sun that reflects upon it.  We have high standards when it comes to your property - and so should you.

Added Value

Throughout the years, satisfied clients have written to us excitedly.  They exclaim how the resell value of their home increased significantly, simply because they picked up the phone and called Haverhill Power Wash Company for a complete makeover.  The process is really simple and the results speak for themselves.  Just like everyone enjoys the clean feeling of wearing a freshly washed shirt, so is the feeling with a clean home.  No one enjoys a roof plagued with dirt. You don’t have to live like this forever.  Be intentional about having a clean abode and adding value to your property.

Free Consultation

A thorough cleaning can reveal hidden problems.  Haverhill Power Wash Company is flexible and robust in its power washing services.  During your free consultation we may identify the areas that you had no idea were in need a thorough wash.  We welcome handy homeowners but it takes a professional to accurately diagnose a problem.  Gutters are reservoirs filled with debris.  It is better to take a preventative approach when it comes to your property.  Less is more when you get out in front of the problem, rather than allowing it to fester.  Contact us today for a free site visit.  Unlike our competitors, we won’t recommend any unnecessary services.