Fleet Washing

Haverhill Power Washing Company - Fleet washing

The first thing you want to do as a company owner with a large fleet of cars, heavy duty trucks and machinery is to make a good impression when you send your vehicles and equipment out to a client or on a delivery job.  A good impression will earn you respect and set you apart from  your competitors.  Keeping your trucks clean is one way to earn respect.  Trucks can become extremely dirty after a long day’s work in the mud or on the road.  That’s where we come in to put your mind at ease.  Even if you have 30 or more vehicles in your fleet, we can effortlessly power wash your trucks with our state of the art mobile power washing units.

Why Hire Haverhill Power Washing Company?

The answer is quite simple.  Just like you are an expert in the fleet business, we too have been doing this for as long as we can remember.  Most importantly, enlisting us to fleet wash your trucks is the simplest way to get the work done so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Regular cleaning will keep your vehicles and heavy machinery brakes and other functional parts clean.  It will also help in reducing maintenance costs.  Haverhill Power Wash Company has the right equipment to thoroughly clean out the most hard to reach areas of your trucks within a matter of minutes.

Time is Money!

Allow us to be frank for a moment.  Your trailers have returned from long route delivery assignments and they appear worse for the wear.  Here’s the kicker - they must be serviced and back on the road tomorrow.  Ask yourself, how many trucks your staff can wash in a day?  Of course much less than necessary.  We have a strict time frame with accurate results.  Our team can wash as many as 8 to 10 vehicles in an hour.  Most fleet washing companies exaggerate their numbers.  They will claim to wash over 30 vehicles in an hour.  If any company makes that claim to you – run!

Is the process safe?

Prospective clients always beg the questions, “Is it safe for my paint?”  We offer more than a wash and dry routine.  What chemicals are going to be used to wash your trucks?  Are they environmentally acceptable?  Are they USDA approved?  Are the chemicals safe for your truck’s paint work?  Complying with state regulations is not only expected of the company for its own benefit, it’s also showing responsibility towards the environment.  Investing in a fleet washing service will be much more convenient and profitable in the end.  We guarantee that high standards are kept during the cleaning process.  Your trucks and equipment are safe with us.

24/7 Availability

One question that often arises is in regards to our cleaning schedule.  Haverhill Power Washing Company has a washing department with fully equipped mobile washers that will enable quick and easy deployment to the site where service is needed.  Some of our clients have complained about area competitors failing to show after signing the contract.  Later on they discovered that those same companies did not possess adequate mobile fleet washing trucks, the man power or the equipment to properly handle the job.  When in doubt, rest assured knowing that Haverhill is available 24/7.  For information about our rates and services, contact us today.