Welcome to Haverhill Power Washing Company, where we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable washing services ranging from simple power washing, commercial power washing, commercial fleet washing and residential power washing.  We have various solutions tackling roof washing, patio cleaning, deck cleaning, wall cleaning and sidewalks, just to name a few.  Power washing utilizes technology to get your surfaces cleaner than you ever imagined.  You will be amazed at the delicate strength of our high end power washing equipment.  Whatever the challenge, our Residential and Commercial Power Washing services are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.  We invite you to give us a call to learn more.

About Us

We are located smack dab in the middle of busy Haverhill, Massachusetts and are proud to stand out as the leading residential and commercial power washing company.  The ratings and responses from our clients speak for themselves.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  This didn’t happen by accident.  Through consistency, attention to detail and investment in state of the art equipment, we have earned high approval ratings from our customers.  We will strive to keep it that way while improving and introducing new services to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Our Services

With an extensive client base stretching as far as the neighboring cities of Newbury, Boxford and Groveland, our services expand beyond the norm.  We know how hard it is to keep a school yard clean.  It can be insanely difficult to clean a roof.  We want to make sure you can have your residential or commercial building cleaned without having to break a sweat.  Here’s what you can expect:  ask us to complete a project and a few hours later, find a perfect job well done.  When you trust us with your home or office, we promise that we will deliver.

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Power Washing

If you conduct a brief search for, “commercial power washing services near me”, you will discover that Haverhill stands out as the number one service provider in the area.  With our experienced staff and technologically advanced equipment, we have built an enviable reputation.  We have restored hundreds of sidewalks, walls, concrete settings, porches and driveways.  No job is too big or too small for us.  Our team has serviced modest residential properties and expansive commercial settings that were riddled with chewing gum, grease, dirt and mold.

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There had been quite a challenge for commercial buildings and offices in Haverhill until we hit the scene.  Haverhill Power Washing Company prides itself in knowing that we are good at what we do and deliver with dedication and reliability.  Whether you manage a medical building, government building, school, shopping mall, factory or parking lot, we will accurately and effectively get the job done within a very comfortable budget.  Let’s keep Haverhill looking like the prosperous city that you have come to know and love.

“When my daughter came to visit for the holidays she made a remark about the sad state of our wrap around porch. She said, ‘Mom, please do something about the porch, it’s falling apart.’ She did us a favor and contacted Haverhill Power Washing Company and paid for a gentle soft wash. I must say, the porch looks amazing!” – Laura M.

Pressure Washing

Determining whether you need a high temperature pressure washing service or soft wash is a very important consideration when it comes to maintaining your property. This is why we offer free site visits. Our service specialists will make a professional assessment and determine whether you need a pressure, power or soft washing service. Being one of the most popular choices for residential owners and commercial property managers alike, we have made sure that our staff is well trained in all techniques.

Haverhill Power Washing Company - Pressure Washing

“I have to be honest, I never knew how much money we could save by opening up a cleaning and maintenance account with this company. They literally manage all of our excavator and trailer washing. The operators and drivers are cheerful and business is booming. Thank you Haverhill Power Washing Company.” – Morgan T.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a method where we use specialized chemical solutions to safely and carefully remove algae, mildew, bacteria and many other forms of stains from building exteriors and roofs. It’s also popular with most home owners who want a simple but thorough wash with very little pressure applied to their surfaces. It involves a mixture of non toxic chemicals and water that not only leaves your surfaces spotless but also eliminates germs and bacteria.

Haverhill Power Washing Company - Soft Washing
Haverhill Power Washing Company - Fleet washing

Fleet Washing

As a company manager or owner, you don’t need the added stress of worrying whether or not your trucks are presentable for deployment. What you need is a clean fleet of trucks at all times, in an effort to make your deliverables. At Haverhill Power Washing Company, we have a dedicated fleet washing customer service account that enables us to accommodate your schedule. This allows us to provide consistent maintenance plus reminders so you can concentrate on running your business.

“We put our house on the market, but we weren’t getting the offers we felt we deserved. So when my cousin came for the weekend and we explained the situation, he recommended that we call Haverhill Power Wash Company. My god he was right! We sold our home at the requested price just 1 week after the service was completed.” – Valerie H.

Contact Us Today

When you are in need of power washing, contact the best in the business. Haverhill Power Washing Company is conveniently located right in your backyard. Our extensive years of experience has put us at the forefront of power washing companies. When business and home owners need power washing services, they call on us. There are several ways that you may reach us. You may contact us via phone. If you happen to call after operating hours, we shall return the favor within 14 hours. Leave a message on our Facebook page for a faster response or shoot us an email for a rapid and reasonable quote.